Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's stunningly quiet here now.   The clock is ticking and the water dripping on a pan I should wash out...

I'm sitting in a very beautiful home- a kitchen I couldn't dream up more beautiful or useful- and our family is calling this place "home" for the next month or so.  A lavish gift from a family that didn't even know us.... they are friends of our good friends and since they'll be in Texas for work til the end of Feb, we get to stay here until we head out of town.   And it's Beautiful.  There's a playroom and a girl's room and a boy's room straight out of a magazine.  And we've already delighted to get to fill these rooms with guests to serve and enjoy....

And our kids are sick and right now all sleeping.   I think we'll be all clear in another day or so... so right now I just want to revel in this moment of quiet.  All of this.... Such.... Gift.

Last year I set out to memorize James and the Sermon on the Mount.  Way over ambitious, I didn't finish my plate.  This morning I presented James to my family, much of it memorized and some of it read.  The Word, His Sword, given to us to wield in His name.  My defense.  Oh to hide myself within it- the life-giving truth of his word- more!  I wish it was ethced deeper, but it is time to move on.

This year I am aiming for The Sermon on the Mount, much like Ann Voskamp divided it out for last year.   I will try to nail down 2-3 verses per week.   I would love if any of you would like to join me for this journey?  Let's tuck it down deep into our hearts and souls... together?  Or if you will be joining Ann for the Romans Project (Romans 1, 8, 12) I'd love to hear from you about that too.... so sweet to enjoy this journey with good friends.   And so needful too!  It's not a path I can travel alone.... I do need encouragement and accountability along the way!

Love to you dear friends!  I'd love to hear from you!

May this new year be a year where we feast ourselves well, richly and full, strengthened for good fruitful service, with the truth of His Word!

PS-  Here's a neat link from Justin Taylor & the ESV Study Bible about the connections between James and the Sermon on the Mount.  All of this is so vital, crucial as I think of fortifying my heart to be ready to head back "home" to China next month.  I would never go without his Word or his promises.  Oh how I need it, how we need Him!

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  1. I'm going to try to join you on the Sermon on the Mount! Glad you have a wonderful home to enjoy the rest of your time in the states in!