Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas.... (still)

Our family has attended the same church three Sunday's in a row in Dec, the first time that's happened since we left our home in China in August.  We're really grateful for this little body, Holy Cross Lutheran (Missouri Synod),  to fellowship and worship with during our time in Bismarck.  And I was glad to hear the pastor say last Sunday that from noew until Epiphany (Jan 6) is still called the season of Christmas.

Yea! I'm not too late to wish you all a Merry Christmas here at the blog!  I do hope you've enjoyed a sweet Christmas season this year!   And I hope that the eyes of your hearts are lifted high with trusting confidence and downright joy, that the Lord has good growth and fruitful service and peace unparalleled straight from His heart to fill you with in the new year.... 

Our family time together has been truly marked with joy.  And that is a grace. There have been 14 of us under one roof for 2+ weeks now!  We're so grateful for fun times together with family and we hope this season has been marked with joy for each of you too.

everyone loves this little man-  our nephew/cousin Eli.  (oh, and his super cool mama too!) 
a moment to remember family that we missed sharing this Christmas with...
(I miss you Mama.)
missing Maelee
can't believe my cool cousin Amy sent such sweet gifts for our kiddos.... so thoughtful!
my favorite moment of gift-giving Christmas 2012

Grandma asked me a week before Christmas if I had any suggestion for a gift for Vivi.  I couldn't think of anything... but we had lost two of her favorite blankets (she-will-not sleep-without-it blanket) so Grandma ordered two more as Vivi's gift.  I thought it was perfect- just what she needed- but I didn't think Vivi would delight to see something she already had.  I was fantastically wrong.  When Uncle Chris got the box open for Vivi to see inside, she screammmmed with joy "Blay Blaaaaaayyyyyyy!"  Then, once the blankets were out of their bag, she lost herself in something that must very closely resemble some sort of drug-induced high.  Usually, when she sees her blanket, she slips her finger in her mouth, and this time she smothered her face in it and twirled her toes too through the satiny softness of that favorite pink.   Ecstasy.

Grandma and Grandpa hosted Mexican Day and these three led teams in a dance-off.
way to go Auntie Amy...  team Lilli was swinging!
We've had lots of fun theme days...  this was from Matt and my "Western Day."  We found that classic western sound effect to crown our duels and the evening shoot out between the hats and the bandana teams. 

there have been stories and stories and stories.... 
This precious girl is talking so much now!   It's just crazy how much charm and delight she is!
and there has been sledding....
with cousin Lilliana
and lots of snow fun

Thank you for loving our family and sharing your joy with us too.  We love you friends!

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  1. love! :) great pics- and just overall lots of love for you all ;)