Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We are LOVING being in town with the fantastic Browns for the beginning of this super cool new year.
Have I mentioned that there were 13 of us living in Dale and Mary's home (the amazing grandparents) for a little over 2 weeks for Christmas and that we were all sad to see the time end on New Years Day? If you read right, I hope you know it was a gift of grace from God that we weren't all as grumpy as can be by the end!  We could have far surpassed the limits of each others' nerves and pet peeves by that time, but really it was a fun-filled time together.    My SIL has several super picture posts about our fun theme days.... just for the record of k family craziness.  And here's a few more...

He might look like a tame uncle here, but here's the fiercest, funniest story teller of our crowd.
a little loud, a lot of fun
Since then, we've been super enjoying this beautiful home we're in- just the six of us- especially sharing it with friends.  There has been way more fun than there has been picture taking.... or blog posting for that matter.  I'm totally out of the swing of things but I sure hope to post more soon!

my wonderful cousin Brenda flew up from Denver to be with us one weekend
love these silly sweets!
and the big boys...
our own little two... the princess and the goofball
fort fun

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