Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vivi & Mama's Whirlwind Tour

We're so happy to be home again and so super grateful for a very blessed trip.  Here are some pics...

so fun to travel with this dear friend (on the left) and fun for Vivi be her help to meet new neighbors too

the sweet family we stayed with in the cantaloupe capital city
we were treated with so kindly, so super generously by our friends who hosted us in their homes
oh these kind friends! 
we toured a site where kings of old were buried... and they had a small plaque honoring three western ladies that had travelled through this region for good reason about a hundred years ago (I think) by donkey cart.   
and so is watermelon....  everywhere.... and Vivi always has room for more

we got to pose for a pic with the performers in a cool cultural show at the museum
my dear friend Karen and the grandma who hosted us for our last dinner in town
back in the provincial capital, my girlfriends painted my nails and toenails with traditional henna stains (the color will be there until my nails grow out!) and some non-traditional (except in India/ Pakistan!) henna tattoos on my feet.
my girlfriends, in their home city again

We love this province, these people.  Matt and I are increasingly desiring to get our family to this capital city as soon as doors open.... and may it be soon!

And hopefully you saw the pics of Matt and Isaiah's trip there too?  We divided and conquered this summer- to save kiddo airfare and help us be more mobile on the ground.  The middle two missed out on traveling but they're both getting double birthday parties this summer... and that makes everything good for them!


  1. Looove these beautiful photographs Jill. You are amazing behind the camera. Colors are so vibrant and I can feel the joy. Oh how I wish we could visit you there and introduce our daughters to one another. Vivi is just gorgeous. Much love - Cara

  2. HI Jill! This is my first time ever to post a comment on a blog :) It's SO lovely looking at your pictures here of beautiful people, beautiful you and Vivi, and beloved Karen. You've done so well capturing it with that camera! Thanks for your email today. I will try to respond soon. Slowing down and lowering in capacity these days at 35 + weeks along now. Amazed at all these new stretchmarks. Ugh :(