Friday, July 20, 2012

Please don't disturb the guests

These words at the right are entirely from Ann Voskamp’s recent post at .  In a quick blur of wannabe artistic ambition a few weeks ago, I wrote out these points to hang in a busy place where I’ll see them hopefully when I need them.  
The last phrase...  Celebration in our Community...actually isn’t in this post from Ann, but it’s well within the realm of other words she’s written and most importantly, it’s true from The Word. Yes!  Let their be celebration of all God's grace among us!  It’s made quite a difference for me recently as I’ve thought about our kids in their daily celebration of life.  
Sadly, sometimes I’m just not in the festive mood that our four kiddos are.  Sometimes I’ve been grumpy just because they are being especially sillyzanymessy (normal) kids. But as I’ve thought about touching Christ, the cross, the cave and then touching the children, it has led me to think of all the joy that Jesus brought to that wedding.  In his presence and in his gift he blessed that whole crowd, he blessed their messy joy at that wedding feast.
And I’ve thought about my grumpy spots, the moments I believe the lie that I’m merely a janitor who simply cleans messes all day long.  And I’ve preached this to myself times before but I need it again....   

There is a time to celebrate and let things get crazy messy, Jill.  And, I’m really not a janitor.  I should be a celebrant with my kids at the festival of God’s every day grace.  We should be dancing, laughing worship together daily.   I have every reason.....  oh his steadfast love, the myriad ways he expresses and demonstrates his love!
Father, thank you for your sweet, convicting voice on loud speaker in my heart recently...  and imagined in our home/reception hall:  “Would the janitor at the back, please not disturb the guests who are honoring the bridegroom with their joy?...  And would you too please, go get your wedding clothes and join the party?!"  
These celebrants with me, they’re not mine, they're his.  I am called to lead and teach and serve and bless them... but ultimately they are celebrating him and I do best to join in lighthearted joy with them, to spur them on in hope and point them toward their eternal joy which is found only in God.  
This is for sure all grace.... because naturally, managing four little kids in a culture I still don't know how to swim in quite right, where we walk everywhere and make everything we eat from scratch and try to throw open our doors and arms daily for guests....  I too easily slink into grumpy janitor mode.  But the Father beckons and he welcomes me to join in his joy and this is all grace from him!  

So may we dance well and laugh heartily today!  
Praise, praise to such a God of grace!

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