Monday, July 23, 2012

the first to go

He lost it July 6 at school. I was teary eyed to pick him up and see him toothless!  
 and a few more recent joys...
loving the hose action and these sweet friends

thanks for the stick-on mustaches Auntie Abby & H family
Tom and Joe spent 6 weeks with us here this summer.  What a blessing they were!  And what a treat to celebrate their last dinner with us in the mountains!  (It's cheaper for us to rent a car for 24 hours than to simply take a taxi to the airport for our friends' departure..... it was a sweet send-off for these very cool friends.)
Fun in the creek.... except that Vivi got a mouth full of watery sand before I grabbed her hand and she had some serious tummy issues for a week.  Argh.   Praise God that it's mostly done now.

We got to spend some time with these precious new friends because of this beautiful little girl.... just days before adopted into their family (more about them soon).  Another teary-eyed joy to behold.  

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