Sunday, November 7, 2010

the playground next door

I've mentioned before that I miss that we don't have a backyard to just throw open the door for the kids to play.  But if we did, we sure wouldn't have this beauty to play on there!  This place is so worth packing up the bat and balls and tromping a few minutes away to play at.  Only about 6-7 weeks ago we found this incredible playground tucked away in the back of the apartment complex next to us.  It's set up like a three story castle, seven slides! and ropes to climb,  and usually it's a really light crowd here.  We're so grateful for such a treat as this!

This is her "don't look at me" face... not very polite.... we're working on it.  

observing a lady bug on the slide


  1. What a fun find!! This looks like it could be fun for hours! :) So thankful for a safe place for your little ones to play!

  2. What an awesome place to play! Look like the kids are pretty thrilled with it too! Been praying for you, friend.

  3. LOVE seeing these beautiful, happy faces! Miss you all... You are in our prayers.