Saturday, November 20, 2010

our own brother

I just came across this post about Sayed Mossa, a Christian brother in Afghanistan who has been imprisoned since May and is scheduled for execution soon because of his faith in Christ, his conversion from Islam.    Greear, the author of the linked post, gives several excellent steps we can take to intervene for this brother and I urge you to take action as he suggests, as I have.

It reminds me of a prayer that was said before a meal one time, when Matt and I were joining friends for dinner in their home.  The father prayed "Lord bless the ones that are so dear to us."  Yes, yes and Amen.... And what of the ones that are so dear to Him?  The ones we don't know, have never met, who might not have food to eat tonight or might be facing execution next week for the Name of Christ?   The ones that he spilled his blood for?  How about we step up our prayers, our action on behalf of the ones that He loves....  they are our brothers and sisters too.

I am compelled, convicted, honored, and humbled to pray more, to do more... to do something!

Lord move us so, for the ones that you love!

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