Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm surprising myself to post about this.... but, I really like these products!

The company is Norwex and the few items I've used from them are antibacterial cleaning cloths that clean well with only water. Norwex microfiber is interwoven with silver particles to cleanse bacterial, fungal, and viral contaminants. Being able to skip out on using chemicals in our home and polluting the environment with them is a pretty attractive deal... Plus these washing cloths do a great job (mirrors are sparkling) and using them saves me lots of time cleaning.

Now, Norwex is a multi-level marketing company, which I usually avoid at all costs. But what I have respected about them is that the brochure and info I've received from them really does seem focused on the product and not about "this great opportunity for you to sell to your friends and make millions from your home." Come on. A good product is one thing... a get rich quick scam is another.

So, here's how my mother in law cleans almost every single surface in her home: warm water and the cleaning cloth, with the polishing (window) cloth to dry. I'm also really excited to try the body cloths so I can skip out on using facial cleanser. (Again, the women who have recommended it to me are all radiant!) And the dish cloth comes highly recommended as well. The laundry detergent seems to work great and I love the idea of not soaking our clothes in pollutant chemicals to "clean" them.

The Norwex catalog or web site has lots more products I don't know about. These products are not cheap... but I do think they should be paying themselves off soon with less purchases of various chemicals from Wal-mart. I'm so grateful for Norwex Christmas gifts that I'll be cleaning our home with for years to come (they're supposed to last that long.)

You girlfriends of mine, who are busy, green-minded dear homemakers, I really think you'll enjoy these things and I hope you can give it a try!

UPDATE (Aug, 2010) : My sister-in-law who is an all around fun, smart, organized woman has thoroughly researched Norwex and decided at long last (and as a total surprise even to herself) to start selling Norwex. She gets migraines easily from chemical cleansers and she has high standards for cleanliness so finding these products has been such a great help for her in her home. She has set up a nice blog for her norwex business. Please feel free to connect with her for questions, to learn more, or to send in your order!


(Or if you're ready to order, you may also go straight to this site:  http://heatherkasowski.norwex.biz/)

The first person who helped me with Norwex is a great lady named Jennifer who has years of experience with Norwex. You can connect with her via email at jfnorwex(at)ictc.com .


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  2. I, too, am surprised to have become a Norwex supporter. At first I thought the claims to "clean with only water" couldn't possibly work on greasy, sticky things such as peanut butter on a tv screen. I was floored. It worked! And with only a few swipes.

    As I have many allergies, I gradually started switching out products as the containers became empty. One of the nicest things I've found is that with the Norwex facecloths, I can clean my face without using soaps or cleansers. In short, I'm extremely pleased with Norwex!

  3. www.myEcloth.com sells a very comparable products and is 1/3 the price. I would rather not have to pay as much for the same amazing cleaning power.

  4. I'm glad to find this post. I was recommended Norwex, but was still a little leary that the products would be worth the $$. I'm definitely trying them and probably going to get them as Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  5. Just was introduced tonight to the Norwex products and I'm super excited about them but wanted to check them out. So glad to read your post. I want everything they have. :)

  6. I grew up with many family members selling "home party" products so usually avoid them like the plague. However, I went to a party and quizzed the hostess on every aspect of the business and said I wouldn't buy anything unless she could WOW me, so she took a stick of butter and smeared it on the inside window of a door to the outside, then took the window polishing cloth put it under hot water, wrung it out and with the first swipe across the window the butter came off, she rinsed again and polished the window - all I can say was I was WOW'd. I did purchase that cloth and the 4 pack of smaller clothes. I had to test it myself so I started with the glass shower door that had a build up of soap scum - it disappeared, then my tile floors in the lower level, they are shiny clean - NO Clemicals!! I will save the cost of my purchase of Norwex by not buying 3 cleaning products AND I won't have to smell the harsh chemicals anymore.

    I'm pretty impressed and I was the biggest skeptic.

  7. From the guys side

    I also am a big skeptic, but no more
    I am the guy that gets to do the windows at our house. And i can tell you i have tried many options for cleaners, from Windex to home mixes. I hated doing windows, with all the streaking and having to do the window a second time because the first pass was a not great.
    We got the Norwex cloths. WOW!!! So easy with just water. Crystal clean first time.
    Great products.

  8. Don't you realize how unbelievably EXPENSIVE Norwich products are??? It's outrageous. They want almost $50.00 for less than 2 ounces of face creme. I can use that in two days. I got your sox for Christmas because that was all my sister could afford. Also, thay say there are not very many chemicals in the products. How about having NO CHEMICALS. Using safe natural things like salt, vineagar and baking soda will unclog a sink and I have been using mineral oil and vasceline for skin moisturizer for 30 years with no side effects and it's all CHEAP! This company is rediculous. The pictures look good, the products smell nice, they work ok but not great, but the cost is simply NOT acceptable unless of course you are a millionaire.