Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Pics

We picked up some one dollar swords at Target and thrilled Isaiah to the depths of his heart. He battled every male that walked through the door last week and some of the battles got pretty bloody. Uncle Greg lost an arm and Uncle Chris even lost his head... but they continued to battle, die-hard warriors they are. Very inspiring to our boy.

We were so glad the newlyweds were able to make it all the way to Wyoming to be with us for Christmas. Auntie Amy, you are a precious friend and sister! And it was a great treat to be able to get to know Andrew more over the course of the week. We're so glad you two are together!

Auntie Heather, we love that beautiful bump on you! Can't wait to meet your April baby girl! I love the above shot of you and Lilli.
Lilliana got a hair styling kit for Christmas and was willing to share with Marian so the girls could give Grandma a makeover together.
Who found this PJ set for Chris in the first place? The women in the family have had to squeeze tight when he puts it on and adorns the front yard with his gracefulness and class.

Uncle Curt was instantly in for Isaiah... hardly an introduction was needed before Isaiah was convinced this guy is the real deal. One more super cool uncle.

Auntie Barb, you're a favorite to all of us! Thanks for being so cool and having such a great family that we get to be connected with because you're Grandma's sister. We love you.
(sorry for the goofy underlining- I can't get it off!)

So fun to get more time with you, dear Mrs. M! Thanks for coming all this way with your hubby and thanks for loving on our kids :)

Thanks for the superman flight-time, Garrett! It was great to get to hear from you, and for the brothers to Risk-battle you too!
Hungry Hippos is Isaiah's favorite game to play.... besides a sword battle of course. So fun to play with you, cousin Emily! Please come visit us Emily :)

The girls enjoyed pushing their strollers through the stocking-bags.
Grandpa and John, figuring out that John's head is waaaay to large for this cutesy little hat.
There you are "Big Boy John", (as Isaiah called you when he prayed for you last night) holding our baby boy John. We were so glad to get to play with you too!

The kids have also enjoyed some fantastic tea parties with grandma in the past week or so.... and it's so special to have their cousin Lilliana in on the sweets too.
But watch out... there's a lion in these parts. Grandma got really scared when she was roared at!

Our big little guy is decently into his mushy "solids"... no Christmas cookies this year.

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  1. What wonderful memories! So glad you were able to spend time with family through Christmas time, looks like much fun was had.