Sunday, September 6, 2009

worth pondering

This morning I got in a walk in the crisp cool air of this farm town where Matt's grandparents met and married, raised Matt's dad (and his 5 siblings) and have lived ever since. Nothing could be a more stark contrast to the capital city where we lived in Asia. I found a dirt road that dead ended with a tiny grass cul-de-sac where I could stand and stare out at hundreds of acres (I'm guessing) of crops and be shined on by the sun as it rose over those fields. Beautiful.

And I got to listen to a great talk by John Piper (Passion for the Supremacy of God). Here are two bits I definitely want to reflect on....

First, he shared about George Mueller who charged himself every morning, "I must be happy in God today. Because if I'm not happy in God I will seek my happiness in lesser things that will never satisfy. I'll use people to try to make me happy, though they never will...." (paraphrased.)

Second, in replying to an accusation that Christian Hedonism inappropriately detracts from the virtue of self denial, Piper exhorted us: "Don't pity yourself if your head gets cut off for the cause of Christ. You cannot give up anything for him, that he won't repay a thousand fold."

Christ is worthy- so satisfying, so good, so desireable. I have no cause for complaint, pity, saddness at all in this world. Would that my heart be happy in him today- no matter my circumstance. He is the most worthy Treasure, the One I was created to be filled by and for, and having him, my soul is rescued from certain death and I am filled and at peace. Such cause for joy!

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  1. Great thoughts and good reminders, thanks Jill.