Monday, September 21, 2009

K Family Fun

We had a great time with family preparing for and celebrating Amy and Andrew's wedding last weekend. Here's a short record of some of our funner moments. (For me, lots of the fun was simply shooting the photos or enjoying the great shots my photo-savy sister-in-law. Thanks Heather! Most of these are yours...)

Our kids think it is just as funny as can be that they could "sleep" on the swing. Here's how they did it...

Staying in rural North Dakota is a real treat for me. I grew up in city-suburb areas where the population density is, well.... much thicker than it is here.

Matt and I took our three kids and our sweet niece on a walk all the way across town- from his grandparents home to the baseball field where Matt's dad played as a kid. The walk took about 20 minutes, at toddlers pace and we meandered as much as we could. All dirt roads. We saw one car on the road the whole time (that is, the whole way there and back again.)

The fields just beyond town are wide, wide open to a happily blue sky with clouds unlike I've ever witnessed elsewhere. The sky seems all the more on display- in the spotlight- here since there are no mountains or hills or buildings and few trees to obscure it's place center-stage.

It was a magical afternoon for us with our kids. So sweet to enjoy the simple, spectacular beauty and sweet, still quietness with them. That is of course, the quietness beyond our little party.

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  1. Looks like you all had some very fun times. There is little as fun as spending time with family and cousins getting to play together. :)