Sunday, September 6, 2009

fun in the sun

(I think... I hope this is a laugh.)
Here's Baby Kylie.... who Marian is still asking for a week and half later.
We have been so blessed to enjoy some spectacular visits with some absolutely incredible people that we are privileged to have as friends. We had a great time with Micah and Becky and Kylie, Clara and her sweet kids, Lori and Dan and Sienna and Sydney, at the petting zoo with Tim and JJ and Levi and Jack, and with Spencer, Elizabeth and Isaac and Anna.  I only wish I had two extra hands to be able to keep up with our sweet little ones and snap more and better pictures with each of these great friends!

This week we landed up north to get in some good time with family. Again, there is so much to celebrate- a wedding, #2 Birthday parties for two of our sweet girls, introducing John, and a new sweet little cousin on the way!!

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