Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a good afternoon of play

Warning:  The story below contains a bit of potty talk.

Yesterday afternoon in our home turned out to be a really sweet time of playing together for Isaiah and Marian.  I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard Isaiah tell Marian, "Come on, we can poop together.  Let's hold hands."

I was so glad they were willing to repeat the pose for me once I had grabbed the camera.  And then they were so taken with my excitement for them that they wanted to hold hands for jumping off the couch (a daily routine at our place) and running too.  

Sadly, this sweetness is not the exclusive way of things in our home.  Just a few hours earlier Marian received a good bite on her arm from her loving big brother... and that was the second this week.  (These are the only two times we've known him to bite, and we hope he is well convinced now of the unworthiness of the activity!)


  1. That is so sweet! I love momente like that. I looked out the window the ohter day and saw our middle man holding the hand of his little bro and leading him off on an adventure. Too sweet and I could not grab my camera quick enough.

  2. Just stopping by to say hello! What darling little kiddos you've got. How old are they now? I can't seem to remember - so hard to remember all my friends' kids' ages. There are so many of them at this point! Hope you guys are doing well. :-)

  3. Ah! We have been dealing with biting with our 4 year old too! So hard because he NEVER was a biter! He broke the skin and left a bruise on Ana that lasted for 1.5 weeks! Yikes! Praying for wisdom for us and now you with this! How precious...the pooping story:)