Saturday, July 4, 2009

the fourth... on youtube

Matt and I are perhaps too laissez-faire in our celebration of some holidays here.  Our first Thanksgiving here we let slip by mostly uncelebrated and it wasn't until afterwards that we realized we really missed it.

Late this morning some new friends, who recently moved to our area, called to invite us to a Fourth of July party in their apartment.  Before that, I imagined we would spend the fourth of July in plain old anticipation of the fifth:  nothing special.  But it was fun to get together with friends, eat some BBQ (saucy chicken from a crock-pot) and watermelon, talk about the kids and watch them play, and just be American.  

For our finale- we celebrated in Capital City style.  We watched a (fairly lame) fireworks show on youtube.

Actually, the fireworks show was entirely lame (still well-worth the try!), but we still feel healthier and happier for getting to celebrate a good day with dear friends.   These guys sure know how to host a party and cook up some great food.  It was lots of fun!  We're grateful.  

We hope your fireworks left encouragement and joy in your hearts too.

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