Tuesday, June 2, 2009

G'ba G'ba

Marian is talking more and more and it's such a joy to hear such sweet and sometimes grown-up things come out of her.  She gets most words pretty near target but for some reason "belly button" is firmly "g'ba g'ba" or sometimes "b'ga b'ga".

Today she said "OK" to me probably 30 times when I told her "let's put on a clean shirt" or "let's walk this way".... so sweet to hear her!  (Don't read this to mean that she is always obedient, but when she is it is fantastic!)  She's just past the 21 month mark.   Today she pointed at her mouth and said "bite my tongue" and also "bonked face".  Wow- two little talkers in our home and one more little bundle on the way.  Exciting times!

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