Monday, June 1, 2009

baby tricks

When I was awaiting the delivery of our first little one, I had one big day of confusion about 4 days before we met our son:  contractions all day long that were pretty noteworthy, but never got closer together or much stronger.  With #2, I had 4 days of contractions ahead of time and then the evening before she came (she arrived at 2 am) my body was very clearly telling me what was going on.  Our sweet angel came 2 whole weeks early for me!

This time, my body is playing tricks on me.  I've had contractions- ones that seem better than Braxton Hicks- for almost two weeks, off and on- and this little one is so very low in my belly now.... Still, nothing yet.  I have nothing to complain of whatsoever though.  I'm just 38 weeks.  But I am so eager to meet our little child! Honestly, my heart sometimes run wild with all sorts of emotion, concerns, frustrations as I think of providing for our big two, getting across town to the hospital in this nearly continually rush hour city, meeting this little baby and discovering who will be the majority gender in our home, and also feeling strikingly lonely for far away family and friends to be with us to celebrate and help in the beginning.  I know this is what approximately 100% of pregnant women face- it's nothing new at all!  Still, thank you for praying for me and for our baby and our family at this time...  We so value your support in this most important way!  

Much love to you dear friends~


  1. Hey Jill! I know God will see you through this next step - He'll manage all of those details when the time comes! I'm looking forward to meeting the newest K!
    Love, Wendi

  2. you guys got it! Cant wait to hear of this new life too! Enjoy the journey!!! You are all loved

  3. We love you guys so much! We're praying for you as you transition into "zone defense" parenting instead of one-on-one! :) Jill, I can totally understand all your emotions, and I'll be praying you're able to just live each day one at a time. God will give you EXACTLY the stamina and wisdom you need to make wise decisions and sail through each ordeal when the time comes. Love and prayers... Carolyn