Monday, May 4, 2009

Congratulations J & YY!

We were glad to get to celebrate the wedding of a cool neighbor of ours here a few weeks ago. He married a sweet local lady and their wedding ceremony was special in every great way- such a time of worship and joy for the Lord's blessing and grace towards these two! In a letter they wrote and shared in the booklet that was given to everyone at the ceremony, J quoted some fantastic words that he wrote to his bride in a letter he gave her when he first declared his desire to pursue her. Praise the Lord for such godly manliness to so pursue a godly woman!

He wrote to her: "I hope that you will not walk into any relationship (whether it's with me or someone else) thinking that that relationship will be the solution to any problems you feel you have. The solution is always to be found in Jesus. I don't want you thinking that I could ever be the way you solve your needs. If, however, as a couple we could grow to know and love Jesus more together, then I can think of nothing I would rather do with my life."

J, Way to speak the truth and romance your woman, as you point her towards Christ!

May God abundantly, richly bless the two of you with grace, wisdom and joy, for His glory!

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