Saturday, April 25, 2009

more April photos

One day these chicks and ducklings were being sold on the street right behind our building.

Isaiah was given this hand-me-down bike recently and he LOVES it. Yep- it's very violet, lavishly lavender and in this neck of the woods, it's perfectly masculine. We're making this our first big opportunity to embrace genderless colors... And we are really grateful for the gift and how it delights our boy's heart! Marian also really enjoys riding around behind her big bro.

We travelled to a great city last weekend and I had high hopes of getting a zillion fantastic photos to share with you here... but travelling with kids, a big belly (K3 has definitely popped out more, again!), and a few things filling our schedules, the camera was kept pretty unaccessible. I think I only got 6 shots the whole long weekend! But at least this one was a good one.... Marian found this bird at the stall of a local merchant.

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