Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Matt's Birthday

For Matt's big day, I planned a game night for him with some of his close friends here and planned for a project that I thought would bless him- buying all the stuff and setting aside time for him with his friends to stain our table (Matt had mentioned a few times how it kind of annoyed him how different our table was from all our other furniture.) (I feel really dumb now- to see this "gift" explained in writing, but I honestly thought it would hit the spot for my man!) We both admit now, that the table is looking beautiful (still has a coat to go) but the process detracted enough enjoyment for Matt that it turned out not to be such a great gift as I had earnestly hoped! Next time I'll stick to the standards: a good book and a cold beverage.

And a few more pics...
Here are our dear friends that were in town for a while for the birth of their son Isaac. Isaiah and Marian enjoyed these girls so much... all four were great playing with each other. What a joy for all of us!

Here's some good showing for K3- enjoying some snuggle reading time with my big boy.

And a little more of K3.... now 29 weeks along!


  1. You look so great! I hope that you are feeling well with your pregnancy.

  2. Do you play Settlers too? Zach and I love that game, we play it with some friends here.
    And you look so cute!

  3. You are beautiful, Jill! Baby looks great on you...