Tuesday, February 24, 2009

praying for our pastors

I just watched a great little clip from Matt Chandler (on Justin Taylor's blog, scroll towards the end of the Feb 23 posts.) I'd love to post the video here but but our internet connection will not allow...

Still, I hope you'll have 4 minutes to invest in watching this clip (go to the blog linked above). He presents his point well- very funny and even more needful. This encourages me, gives me more fuel for what and how to pray for my pastor-and all the pastors that I've been blessed by. Pray for his encouragement personally with the goodness of Christ's gospel and that he would be continually, increasingly strengthened and consumed with passion to preach the gospel so clearly as Chandler is challenging. (We're so grateful for our pastor and are glad to lift you up from over here, DB!)

The prayer from Ligon Duncan below the Chandler video is also excellent. May the heart of these words be lifted truly in each of our lives, homes, and churches!

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