Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just thought we should update everyone, since it appears to be pretty important news around our house (Isaiah has reminded us several times a day for over a week now,) that Isaiah is an airplane and Marian is a frog.

Occasionally the airplane goes for a backstage role and Isaiah is a Lion, but Marian is pretty faithfully a frog- not that she has any say in the matter!

But our little princess is beginning to speak more and more for herself. She's almost 17 months and is getting two words together pretty regularly now: "mine that," "bye bye Ayi," "owuuside DeDe" (she skips all the G and K sounds and replaces them with D so this is her version of GeGe, which means older brother.) That last one is what she brightly squeals as soon as I walk in the door from class in the morning to take her with me to get Isaiah from preschool. Isaiah gets a bit downcast when I'm late from class and have to pick him up all by myself- it's a much better day for all of us if we can get that fun slice of time near noon together playing at his preschool before we return home for lunch.

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  1. I get the lion part (I think I was that when his age), but being an airplane may be a sign of issues. :)

    Greet the frog and the airplane for us alligators.