Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

We greatly enjoyed having Matt's parents with us for the past two weeks. What a blessing that they were able to come, enoy and love on our kids with us, and get to know so much more than the web cam could ever offer of our darlings' personalities, quirkiness, humor, laughter, songs, tickle spots... We had so much fun! We miss you already- and lots- Ye ye and Nai nai

Grandma and Mama got to observe Isaiah at school.... but having us there with him was too distracting for him. Too bad we didn't get to really see him in action! Still, we know that he loves going to school and he's playing gladly every time I peek through the windows to spy on him. We are so grateful for such a great preschool so close to our home. What a blessing!

Isaiah proudly shares with you his "sleep toy".

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all the fun paints and craftsy projects you brought for us to do with you!

We rode the new subway line out to the Olympic Village.... the subway was the real excitement for Isaiah!

Our sweet princess Marian

One of our top joys from their visit was getting to share with them, for the first time in person, the fantastic news of the newest little one the Lord is knitting together in me! It was great to share this joy with them. We are all so excited to meet you K3!