Thursday, August 4, 2016

summer camp, graduation & a few more pics

just cute kids... just playing on the street

Sorry you were only on your way to a smile, Isaiah, but you were sure very happy about that spicy nan and getting to hang with cool Eli!

oh these precious, treasured, loved, beautiful friends...
(and they're cooking for me in my kitchen!  Love that too!!)

Sweet little guys learning the tricks of base ball!

This little guy's name sounds like Asher and I definetely have a sweet spot in my heart for him!

She got up and rolling all in one afternoon b/c of help from this stellar big brother.  He told me "It's ok mom, I'll stay with her.  I won't let Vivi fall."   They both did fantastic! Love these two...

(Perfect hand-me-down blades from the biggies :) )


We have been so blessed by these two guys that came to help out this summer... truly an exceptional gift and blessing to our family!  And so super fun to have an extra connection now to both of their "homelands"...  all the people behind each of them that we love so dearly as well!
Ryan and Eli made a great obstacle course... the winning team got to eat breakfast first!

Last night (at home here) at the table we talked about our favorite memories from this summer so far and every kid said it was camp- getting to sleep in the same dorm/bunks with their friends, getting to play games and hike... and who doesn't love a huge heap of water balloons + water guns!!?!??

so many fun games...

This is one of my dearest local friends.  Her name sounds like it means "light house" but I haven't remembered to ask her if that's quite right.  I love her and all three of her kids and the niece and nephews that hang with her crew all the time... such precious ones!

new girls who were just visiting our complex....  so happy Marian wanted to invite them up for an afternoon of play at our house.  What delightful young ladies!

Their last day at "preschool" (which we've counted as much of John's first grade year since the grade-age schedule is a bit different here.) 

His darling graduation certificate...  We're so proud of you, John Timothy, for getting the deep end of local culture and language as you've played and learned at school here for the past two years!  We love you son!  Now onto 2nd grade in America!

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