Wednesday, August 3, 2016

.... on death and glory

Jamison and Kathryne Pal were killed in a car accident this past Sunday when the minivan they were in was crushed by a semi truck.  They were killed along with their three young children, Ezra, Violet and Calvin and their friend, Terry Sullivan, who was driving the minivan they were in.  They were planning to go this fall as missionaries for Christ's sake to the people of Japan.  

Our friend shared this news with us and included words from an email that Jamison sent to him just a few weeks ago:  

... I hope it encourages you whenever you read this--that God is answering prayer and is sending more laborers to the field...

A couple lines from Shai Linne comes to mind:

"Let me make this plain kids- God is the greatest
He never changes- His ways are blameless
For His own glory and at different stages
He raises up servants to make His name famous...
Behold the grace of God- stand to the side
The Spirit exalting the Lamb who has died
It can't be denied- this man we describe
Was simply a tool in the hand of his God"
Hope to see you in Japan soon!

We are encouraged- whenever we read this or think of you Pal Family- that the Lord is doing and will continue to do great work in the harvest field of Japan and among all the people groups who do not yet know Him and in His bride, the church, as we reflect on the glory and joy that you are already enjoying with our Savior.    Eternity with Christ is worth giving everything we can, all that we have to give.  

May your story raise up a great army of lovers of Christ who will go, as you wanted to, to pour out your lives for the sake of truth and salvation and blessing for others.   Just as you lived, may the Gospel be the anchor we hold to, we fuel our lives by, and we aim our souls to celebrate for all eternity.  

~~~  Friends, I hope you can read this prayer that was prayed at their funeral.   May the Lord bring it all to be for His glory.  

Our prayers are with the larger family of these precious ones who have gone before us...  May Christ be your abundant, sustaining peace and even, miraculously, may He be joy for you as you look forward to the day to come and continue to further Jamison and Kathryn's legacy.  

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