Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Word for the New Year

A little late to get to this post... but it's still a needful post still for my own sake.

Last year I used a new (to me) Bible reading plan that I appreciated.  This one focuses on one selection from the Word at a time, but still weaves in all the major areas (Law, History, Poetry, Epistles...) each week.  I also really like the flexibility of this little graphic printed up and slipped in my Bible that I could end up shifting books a bit so that as years go on, reading on this schedule, I could read different books side by side.  There's no reason that one chapter of OT must always be read along side the same chapter of the NT each year.  The Word fits truly together in every arrangement and configuration possible:  Genesis and James, Psalms and Luke, Joshua and Acts....

So I really like that plan.  But it turns out there are others that looks equally sharpening for my particularities too.  This year, I'm going to try this 5 day schedule.   Melissa Kruger is a pretty convincing gal and I'm excited for another slice of the same feast of truth.  Especially excited about the more chronological arrangement of this one.

Yea! Just had to share!!

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