Monday, January 4, 2016

missing Grandma, missing family

at our wedding, March 2004
with her first great grandson.... Isaiah
this is one seriously fantastically stellar group of ladies....  I'm so privileged to marry in as one of them!
(Thanksgiving time 2005)
just one year ago....
Such a classy, humble, witty, caring, talented, fun to be with Grandma!
You will be dearly missed!
We're so glad that Great Grandma's last days were so perfectly arranged....  such grace to be able to gather her children to be with her to say good-bye and to see that she could go painlessly.  Grace.  Our hearts are grateful for her life, glad to have been blessed in relationship with her, and even though we knew she wouldn't last forever and had warning that the end was near, we had six hearts kind of hold their beating, still mouths even holding their breath to take in the news of her passing....  Our kid crew and Matt and I sure love this woman and will miss her so!  Much much love to the whole crew, there grieving together now...

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