Monday, September 14, 2015

Love Poems (from a four year old)

So, our family might have a little case of being just slightly, over the top verbal.  Just a few of us Ks would probably be somewhere over the rainbow off the charts on ridiculosity for over-expressive wordulousness. The four year old is just one such poet.

She's blossomed with a whole new chapter of lovey words for the two of us.  Somewhere this summer I started asking her "Who do I love?".  And there's been a few times when she's asked me "Who do I love?"  (Sometimes every five minutes.)  We go over it ever time "Jesus, because he died for me.  Mama and Jerry and then Daddy and all the kids."

Wait a minute.  That's not cool.  No crush can come above your daddy for a long time yet, dear.  Coach Jerry (who just started working for Matt's company) is a pretty awesome guy.  But he can't come above Daddy on your lovey list yet, dear.  She cried when she had to go with the little kids at baseball practice and Coach Jerry led the bigger kids' exercises.  But she's agreed to reorder her list now so Daddy's up there where he should be and we're all a little more happy ..... though I'm pretty sure Jerry felt super honored with his original ranking.

Then her loveyness turned to her asking me, "Why do I want you to sit next to me at the table/brush my teeth with me/ wipe my bottom/ read to me on the couch....?"  Both "because you love me" and "because I love you" are acceptable answers.  I love that game.

And when I told her "I love you to the highest height, the sweetest sweet, the deepest depths, the yummiest yummy, the silliest silly..." she returned "I love you to the stars like that too."

She was set on catching those "stardusts" in the sunshine.
But then she up and came up with some lines all her own.  "I love you ten thousand times the cushions of it."  (I have no idea how she came up with that but she says it with such serious joy confidence, and well over a hundred times now, that I don't want to bother her with the semantic technicalities.... I catch her drift.)

And my current favorite of her love poems:  "I love you to the stars- Never evah fight the stars."  (Yea, we can all pretty much agree that that's a battle to pass on... and that somehow she's managed to super-power her affection with those words.)

And Vivi Hope... "I love you to the stars like that too, crazy sweet lovey girl."  

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