Friday, September 18, 2015

Dance Party U S Asia

For Marian’s 8th birthday, she planned the entire event…  I simply had to make dinner (Da Pan Ji) and a “cake" (she chose apple pie).  She planned the whole thing to be a Dance Party.  There was some time for dressing up to begin with, and then there were a few dance-off competitions, but mostly the whole things was just song after song (daddy was the DJ) of silly, giddy, jumping and laughing cool moves.  Sadly, I only got a few videos of that and all of this only with my phone since my battery was gone!  (argh!)

This girl…  She’s growing up so much.  I can really see Marian maturing to understand her role as a growing up girl, to communicate with people well, to take responsibility to help and serve others, to finish her work (even when she’s sure that that much homework will take her 4 more hours… and it actually only takes 20 minutes.)  She’s growing up so beautifully before us and we could not be more grateful to know and love and care for Marian Lynn.  

Dear love, we pray that you will continue to grow up in the Lord in every way, being pleasing to Him in your mind, in your heart and character, and all your relationships, skills and talents, work and play.  Keep seeking Jesus first, dear!  Oh we love you so much precious, treasured girl!

She said... "This was my best birthday ever because my two teachers came!"
The K crew

and when our dear guests had all gone... the dance party gave way to sword fight

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