Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photographing Life

This post is just so remarkable…. beautiful and very compelling in it's presentation of LIFE:  hearts beating, blood pumping, totally and completely living beings.  (HT, AV.)

And then this…  how right to grieve….  a beautiful post with sad, beautiful pictures honoring a sweet little boy whose birth was a miscarriage at 19 weeks.

I was thinking recently of the argument that a baby who cannot "feel pain" can be aborted, but abortions shouldn't be performed for a baby who is old enough to feel the pain.  I can't imagine this as an acceptable argument. Why is it then that we recognize in other eras and situations that assuming authority to decide who can and cannot be killed is a bad thing?   Can the baby feel pain?  Isn't it the same, essentially, as asking, can the baby see, hear, is s/he handsome, will s/he be smart enough?  Its a question that already assumes one thing: this is a person.

This is a person whose life has value whether or not this little person meets anyone else's criterion (even that of being wanted by his/her birth parents).  This pain limit question is just far too close a match with what was done in Germany 70-80 years ago.  If you're a Jew, if you're handicapped, if you're not one we like, we can decide to kill you….  No.  If it's a person, this is wrong.  And is there any doubt of personhood after looking at pictures like the ones above, after hearing a baby heartbeat and seeing them suck a thumb or wave hello on an ultrasound?

May the Author of Life open our eyes, convict our hearts and move many to action on behalf of those who cannot protect themselves.  And may He be honored in our loving, laying down our lives to serve and to bless these women and children, and men too, in His name.

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