Thursday, January 16, 2014

and the fun goes on….

little while ago our kids got a little crazy about the teapot.

I'm really happy that this guy got in on the photo fun with this make-believe photo booth.  

  It wasn't a quiet spot of tea (actually smoothies) this afternoon.  Maybe you can hear the joy?

I'm happy to report that we only lost one smoothie in the frenzy of our photo joy. 

( #itsplatteredallllover )

And we'll wrap it up with a calming shot to maybe make you think that we had a meek and mild, sweet and easy, tidy afternoon after this… (but surely you know better than that, right?) 

We are endlessly grateful to the Giver of every good gift….. including spectacular teapots and silly crazy sweetheart kids that I could not delight in more.

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