Monday, September 23, 2013

hip hop and kiddo-love

Matt was in the capital city for a few days for a very significant visit with friends there... and while he was gone wethe kids and I got to join up with this young Brit with a heart for Jesus and for kids for a music and dance class he leads at a local orphanage.  He might just have inspired a young breakdancer in our crew....

What a holy joy to come onto the grounds of an orphanage- oh that there were never an orphanage as large as this one- but to go in there, to snuggle hug these kids (Josh knows these kids well, he plays with them and teaches them every week), and then to turn up some music, songs of the King, with a beat and words that electrify the air with joy, and to see these kids light up with gladness.  Most of the kids we met had some physical limitations but between the hip hop dance lessons and the origami folding lessons (Asians are really into their paper art!) and the story time, there was joy for everyone.  Pure privilege for the five of us!  May our time there inspire much more in our hearts and lives of prayer and giving and compassion and service for others...  

Lord open our eyes, enlarge our hearts and prayers,  and put our hands to work for your people!

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