Saturday, September 28, 2013

a little app shout out (Updated!)

A friend just bought a new iPad and since it's so much fun to share favorite apps... I thought I'd post just just a few of our happy online finds from recently:

Update:  This was the reason I wanted to write anything about apps... and then I forgot it!  The New City Catechism is an amazing, needed resource.... and it's free.  For the land where everyone loves an idea about God and most if it is called Christianity, but little of it seems to be rooted in what we call "God's Word" ... And for all of us who love God but sometimes get shaky on what the goodness of the Good News is truly about (here's a great article, thanks EB for the link!) this app will help!  The introduction section is excellent and exhorts parents to teach the catechism to their kids as a way of laying logs in the fireplace of their kids' hearts.....  would that the Spirit of God give His flame to their hearts!  We're going through this catechism as a family and would love to have any of you join us.  Let us know if you do!  

FREE in the App Store....  Human Body.  by Tinybop.  This was the perfect week as our big kids started a unit on exploring the way our bodies work.  Such a very well-done app!  Just beautiful and fantastically fun to learn from.   (Oh no!  It might not be free anymore? Still worth checking for!)

Learn With Homer.   I downloaded this one to try for free and loved it!  It was even worth it to this cheapskate to buy more lessons for $3.99.  Such a perfect begginning reading app for preschoolers....  Absolutely adorable and enjoyable learning for our kiddos.  

And since we just finished reading Tirzah, by Lucille Travis, and I have firmly ranked it second only to Narnia, for my own favorite books that I've read with my kids, I decided to search for more books by this gifted, insightful author.  I'm excited to have found a cheap one that I'm going to start with them soon....  A Few Brave Keepers, $2.99 for Kindle.    

And these two bath cuddlers....  gotta share this too!

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