Saturday, May 4, 2013

visiting Granny

My good friend and her two girls and our four kiddos and I went for an outing to our bread selling "Granny"'s house.   Here are two of her nine kids, these big guys kneading and shaping the round bread all day long and selling it all afternoon and evening.  So great to go with a friend who was clever enough to bring bubbles along for fun!

For four and a half hours we played in the street (walkway) outside the family's tiny home and though we brought gifts for their kids, we didn't have anything our kids could play with.  But there was paper.  Our big girl jumped right in, making paper hats for lots of the little friends who joined us for play.  I just LOVE our girl and this amazing girl too...

This guy was skillful at ripping up that same paper....
and then he found a worm on the ground that thrilled him for the final hour :)

Granny is a sweet lady and one super fantastic cook!  If only I could tune my ears for her accent and generally speed up my language level 3-4 years to be able to communicate clearly with her!  

a view of the neighborhood...  not a nice place.  Lots of sadness peered out at us from the hotel rooms just above Granny's place.   

Granny cooking on her front step... the kitchen.
This family of six live in two tiny rooms that are big enough for two beds each.  There's one spicket of running water about one foot over a squatty potty (that appears to not really work) and the kitchen is outside.   The whole neighborhood pays to use a potty or a shower down the street.   But you know what.... they've got internet access.  Good thing there's good sites for them to read... 
And...  I wouldn't have made it here without Matt without our new car....  what a great gift it is!!!

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