Thursday, May 9, 2013

She Was Loved

This morning the large community of Christ in our city is grieving the death of a beautiful baby girl.  When her mama was only three months pregnant, they could see that something was wrong with baby's heart and doctors and family all advised and pressured her tremendously to abort the baby.

But they chose life.  The gave birth to their baby girl as an abortion was being performed at their side in the hospital.  And their baby was tender and lovely and she was loved.  And her parents fought for her life for 6 weeks or so and now she is rejoicing with God and her parents are left aching without her and grieving with Hope.

But she was loved!  No one could insert a death instrument to kill this little life simply because she wasn't a bit bigger, because she was living on loaned land. This unique image of God, helpless to care for herself, heard the voice of her mom and dad and sister speaking their love, singing their love, testifying of God's grace for her tiny little ears and her precious little heart to soak it all in.  She was loved.  And now she is with Love forever.... no more sickness, sorrow, tears.

And her life, however short, was BEAUTIFUL.   Give Grace Lord and mercy and peace and soothing comfort to her parents and sister who are broken, utterly broken in these hours...May the body of Christ support and surround and comfort them now.  And...

Oh God use this one precious life to ring out the message of Your Love and your eternally precious image in human-kind.  Work in this nation that doesn't think twice about abortion.   Arouse a culture of life-loving, God-loving, protectors of the weak.  Awaken questions, conscious.  And answer those hearts with your own great love and forgiveness and healing.  May it be to your praise, oh God who Rescues us!

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