Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We ran for Premila

We ran for Premila.  What an honor and what compelling joy to Run.  For.  Her.
To run and to live and to push hard for the finish line... ultimately All For Christ.

THANK YOU to the friends who sponsored us, contributing to As Our Own, for Premila, for our run.

Yesterday morning Bart and Judy met us at the starting line and the guys ran a half marathon and Judy and I ran the 5k.  We love the connection we have with these two.  They are very much like spiritual parents to us, precious mentors, cherished friends.  It was great to run with them.... together for Premila.                          

The BEAUTIFUL blue sky and green all around was a huge cheer for Matt and I.  This is why we don't really run in China (just super sporadically.)  I need beauty around me to motivate me and the cement everything-rusty-smoggy running opportunity around us there does nothing to lure me into sweating. This morning was pure gift.   A gift very much made possible by one lavishly kind friend, Sean, who showed up at our house at 6 am to be there for our kids and shuttle them to the race in time to see Daddy cross the finish line.  Thank you, thank you, Sean!

Good job Daddy!
(it was bright)

Sadly, we missed the kids race (must have been while I was running) but we finished up with a little race of our own.  
Today, the kids and I prayed again for Premila.   World prayer time-lunchtime is becoming a tradition or at least hopefully will become a solid tradition in our family life together.   Pick a few current events, remember the names of organizations and dear friends and projects we love, our Compassion kids and so many friends in China... learn about the world and PRAY.   

Today was the best lunch time yet because I found As Our Own on vimeo and we watched a few of their videos and prayed for all the girls there.  Oh to pray more fervently for our four and for these girls too...  to love and give and pray for these girls more like we do for our own.  

(Side note:  there are so many excellent resources I'd love to link to on our family blog but not everything is bloggable because of where we live in.  Please email/comment if you'd like to hear more organizations and good works to pray for. )    More about world prayer lunchtime soon....  I'd love to have you join us!  

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