Friday, November 9, 2012

little bits on our little loves

Last night Isaiah battled Daddy in Stratego, a game loaned to us by our pastor, the item that is now solidly at the top of Matt and Isaiah's wishlist.  The other three were playing house (the first time they've really gotten into this) and Marian told me what was going on:  "Isaiah's the dad (even though he wasn't playing), I'm the mom, John's the kid, and Vivi's the cat."  They just really needed a cat and somehow she got the role.   I think she's cute whatever she is...

And she's gotten crazy verbal on us!  Last week she told me "Aye Yan Gum" and brought me a stick of gum.  Clearly she hears her siblings tell their mama plenty often enough "I want gum!"  She has a few favorite words that I just love to hear from her:   sanas (sandals),  cooookie,  my (mine!), blay blay (she gets giddy when she cuddles or plays with her beloved Blanket), bella bulah (belly button) and peeez (which I'm pretty sure she thinks means "give it to me!").   I love how she's started answering me "kay" or "gay" when I ask her a question.... "okay?"  I feel like story telling is really not too far off for her!

I just love her pointy finger stretched toward whatever she loves.  And too, she's always quick to raise her hand and shout "me!" for every possible "who wants......?" 

This guy, well... he cracks us up all the time.  I'm quite sure he rarely tries to be funny but he just IS so often, so super funny!  We really couldn't love him more....  or any of these four, of course!

PS-  He did get a haircut, mostly because of the long tuft sticking out the back in this pic!

My precious girlfriends from high school, two of my beautiful bridesmaids, Melissa and Michele,  have all these fantastically sweet, cute kiddos and I LOVE that our kids slip right in the middle of them age-wise.  Our three families each have 2 boys and 2 girls (the littlest girl is due in Feb) and it's just so much fun to have our crews altogether.   And yes... this was the tail end of Oct and we were swimming in sunshine here in Central Florida!

just a really cool, green, shiny bug and a bunch of delighted, adorable kids
the celebrity
More shots coming (hopefully) soon of our great morning at Leu Gardens!

I love these two together.  Isaiah is learning to be a great helper when this little one makes her messes.  
She's  an easy joy to everyone in the family.  
(I really need to dig up a photo of Matt snuggling Isaiah and May when they were all wrapped up in towels just like this about 3-4 years ago.   Grandma, you know the shot, right?)  


  1. so lovely to see you all having good times...xx the children are gorgeous, but I didn't need to tell you that!

  2. Hi Jill, wasn't sure how to reach you. Could you send us an email or FB message with the best way to contact you these days? Wanted to touch base as we hope to get together Dec. 8-9! -Jenn