Monday, May 28, 2012


Last weekend we visited dear friends of ours from our Beijing days.  This family is so precious to us!  Being with them is like getting a jolt of soul nourishment and encouragement.... we are so blessed by their friendship and example to us of loving the Lord, His Word, His people..

And we absolutely delight in these kiddos.  What a joy for us that our kids can grow up close (enough) to these guys.  May they have life-long friendships, packed with fun memories, and grow zealous for the Lord's glory together.  

picnic near the Yellow River
couldn't be fun without getting in the mud!   Hudson, their big guy - Isaiah's best friend, is there on the right

Gracie Jo (GJ) and May

Vivi and Aber (Abraham)
We finally got to meet their littlest!  This guy at the river was almost as delighted with him as we are :)
the sweet daughter and wife of the man above
the kids table... missing Abraham
the girls
Tito (Titus) and John
the way there....  this wasn't her very best moment 
nine hours of villages
and more beautiful villages to see before we got home

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