Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Ends

Not long ago we were introduced to a tremendous new blessing in our lives.  Jeanne spent her childhood far from her home culture and now she has a great big heart to bless kiddos in those same shoes today.  She's started up a small company (non profit?) that sends books to the ends of the earth and she has Blessed. Us. So. Much.

Perhaps not all of America is so crazy about second-hand clothes, books, toys, furniture, everything but I can tell you this:  we are big fans.  It works great for our family!  But that leaves us in a bit of a pinch, because China doesn't do second-hand.  Things are mostly either worn thread bare or given to family members or just plain trashed when they're done.  One friend told me a second-hand clothes store would never work here because Chinese would all wonder about every single item "has anyone died in this?"

Regardless of "previously owned" taboos and superstitions, English books are just hard to come by.

Enter "Book Ends".

I am so grateful for this friend and mentor in my life!  Jeanne loves to bless folks like us who work overseas by sending books for kids.  She has packed 2.5 boxes for us now and I'm sure the box had to inhale when she cinched down the last rounds of packing tape.  Chocked full, those boxes:  Well over 100 books, and then bubble gum, math manipulatives, and stickers filling every crevice.   She's as good as my mother-in-law.  (Honest, these ladies could win millions if only there was a reality show at the post office!)

Here's how Book Ends works:  Email me (or leave a comment with your email address- I won't publish it!) for Jeanne's contact info and she'll let you know how to search for books or author's she's got on hand.  And check our her generosity here:  you pick the books (or let her), she packs the boxes and ships them to you, and you pay only half the cost of shipping.

Write to her dear international friends!

And if anyone of you stateside stumbles across an amazing library sale, maybe you could contact Jeanne to donate some books to Book Ends too?  I think she's up for receiving donations, just like she's always so delighted to give!


  1. What a wonderful gift! We LOVE books (and second-hand things) at our house, and I've often reminded myself how blessed we are to live in a country with a thriving library system. I would be interested in her contact information. Our library is having a book sale right now! (I think you have my email address -- let me know if you don't. Otherwise, a FB message would work too.)

    1. Ellen,

      My email address is

      I'd love to hear from you!

  2. Me me me!!! What a huge blessing Jeanne! Jill, thanks for sharing your friend! Send her info this way!

  3. What an awesome ministry! We so LOVE books in our house! We have been reading through the Little House series this year and our boys have just loved every minute. They constantly beg for another chapter. :) Happy Reading!