Tuesday, April 10, 2012

first game

The little guy asked him "Isaiah, play baseball with me?"  And it was their first game of catch together...  Such Joy!
he's doing so well passing on all that he's learned from Daddy

in his mama's eyes, he's got all the right moves
and, well, he's just adorable with or without the moves
fishy shorts and fishy moves

 ready for the throw to land right where it should

And that I get to be the mama to these boys?  This is unspeakable grace.  
I am so grateful to the Lord and so in love with them!

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  1. Oh, I remember when our boys first began to play catch! It was so sweet to watch. Now all three of them go out and can have a batter, catcher and pitcher! These are such sweet pictures and I bet the boys have had so much fun. We will definitely have to play some baseball when you are here in the fall!