Sunday, October 9, 2011


Recently... it's been busy.  I think I owe our "Camera Grandma" some shots from this side of the globe. 

Here's a bit of an afternoon on the back patio... Everyone wanted a cuddle with Vivi...

 Marian has defintely arrived in the 4 year-old, we can hear the angels singing, bit more evident responsibility stage of life.   She is still our firecracker but somehow a tiny more mature one these days.  We are oh so very in love with this girl... with all these sweet kiddos!

John has developed a new dance thing this season...  When he's in the mood, this new grove looks like a mix of mock slow mo ice skating and imaginary gooey mud stepping....  there's a still shot to launch your imagination.

This little girl has begun her career of roaring like the prettiest little lion.  (And she's nearly sitting up all by herself too.)

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  1. I love all the snuggle pics. I want to get big hugs from all your kids. Now that I have been lifting them up regularly... I can't wait to actually get to hang out with them