Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a good day for...

A good day for photos....  (My cool SIL's post- a photo shoot of our favorite 6mo little boy- reminded me of the joy of indulging myself in a long, fun photo shoot of our (spectacular) kids.)

A good day for a scooter and slides...

 A good day for a little big brother to push the little love...

A good day for gifts...  (thanks Yeye and Naia Nai!!!)

A good day for friendship and hugs and finally! looking at the camera without some goofy kink in a neck or finger up a nose...  (Honestly, I think this is the first sweet photo I've ever gotten of these two together.  This shot makes my heart skip a beat I just delight in it sooo, delight in these two precious kids sooo much!)  

A good day for closing the blog up quick and snuggling with my man...


  1. Oh goodness these ARE spectacular kiddos. I had a dream I found a plane ticket to China for $50 and I came just for a day to say Hi and bring gifts. Sigh. That would be oh-so-fun.

  2. Lovely pics Jill. Such affection and fun displayed in them.

  3. Okay, those are some of the sweetest pictures ever!! I can feel the love! I especially love that last one...the boys keep asking us for a sister...perhaps you can find one for us there?! Love you and your fam!