Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful for...

The Gospel. Although it is so often misunderstood and misrepresented, it is still good- unbeatably good- news. The message is Jesus coming to rescue his people from their own death of sin and sickness and sorrow. The message is true. Our sins are forgiven. Our lives are given to another- to One who is worthy and enduring.... unlike anything else in this world. Hope. Joy. Pardon. Peace. Love. Passion. Christ has saved me when I could never save myself. He has saved me completely and it is well with my soul because of Him.

Our Family. I love these people so much. Matthew, Isaiah, Marian, and John are my favorite people on earth. I can't believe I get to be Matthew's wife and the mom to this bunch. Recently, I feel like I've fallen even more in love with my man as we've been able to share some new things together. I never would have thought that was possible. I've got such a great husband! "And you thought you were going to be an old maid," a friend recently reminded me. I am so blessed. And on top of the delight each of these four are to me, we have a sweet extended family on both sides of our tree. So, so blessed. Some real lives of character and virtue- fruit of the Spirit- in our heritage that we will be glad to tell our children about.... and other stories to make us marvel again at the wacky goodness and sovereignty of God to arrange our family lives as he has! Still, the tales of God's care for us through hard times and circumstances are never to be forgotten.

Health. So easy to overlook when you're feeling good. But oh to be more mindful daily of the grace it is to feel good and have strength. Thank you Lord!

Friends. Just like Rachel Barkey said, I feel like I have done this one thing well: I've picked great friends. It's incredible to me that I am so privileged to know some of the people I do... Too many of you to name, but each of you so precious. Friends since toddler years, high school, college prayer groups and grad school roommates & classmates, a "blind blog meet,"... sweet singing, praying, running, painting, baking, teaching friends. I am a rich, rich woman to know all of you!

Fun Together. I'm so grateful to not only know these people but to get to be with many of you in this season... even to have our kids together too. "Make new memories. Don't just let your friendships fade as you only live off old experiences together," we were advised. I am grateful for those new memories created in this season.

And thankful for hand-me-downs and spare seats on airplanes, parks and playgrounds with swings, fresh salads and Chipotle, a dishwasher, and a big blue sky over an open field right out our front door. For good music and good books, excellent sermons to download and an ipod to listen on. A cool truck to drive and roll-down-the-windows weather to enjoy. For the Word of God: more to be desired than gold, sweeter than honey, promises rock solid, hope to live fully, joy to live well.


  1. Jill, I love this. I love where you were talking of your family and being more in love with your husband! That's awesome. My list mirrors yours. Though, I have not tried Chipotle yet ;) So glad you guys are doing well. So thankful for you and your family and what you are doing!


  2. Hey Jill, Thanks for sending me this link again - encouraged by your words to keep my eyes on Jesus during this fun but tiring season of life. God bless you guys! - Sarah from Down Under

  3. You are a valued friend as well :) It is so good to think of all that we have to be thankful for!