Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov pics

This has been a great month for us. We've really enjoyed being in Orlando, where our home church is, and having enough time to see friends more than once. We've felt a bit more regular with our own routine and we have loved creation and the climate here now.

It's been really sweet to see Isaiah and Marian deepening in friendship with each other. Most of the day Isaiah finds something to advise or invite Marian to.... "Follow me!" "Let's throw our shoes down!" And most of the time, Marian complies.

But then every evening recently they pray for each other. The prayers go something like this:

M: "Thank you God, pray for I- yay-ya..."
I: "No, don't pray for me!"
M: "and pray for I- yay-ya again..."

And then Isaiah prays for her and she offers the same protest. We're working on it.


  1. thanks for the new pics and blog notes! love them! john is so big! Enjoy the sun for us! Em

  2. What great pics of your kids, Jill! Was that a Thanksgiving meal you were at? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.