Saturday, August 22, 2009


We're here now... landed in Seattle after a surprsinginly, wonderfully smooth 11 hour flight (3 seats for the 5 of us turned into 4 seats plus a bassinet for John). For the first few days we had a great visit with the B's there and now we're getting to see lots of friends in So Cal this week. Today we'll be at a LLU reunion and will also get to see the S's, dear friends of my mom and mine since my baby years. What a huge encouragement and JOY to reconnect with such precious friends!

Last week we got our whole home packed into one little moving truck. We had maybe 2 weeks notice that if we got rid of a third of our stuff, we would just have one truck's worth to move and store and would save a lot of cash. It was a happy motivation for us to clear out our possessions and it's left both Matt and I feeling much freer. So our home belongings are in storage and we're on the road with two suitcases for our family and one more of gifts to share with people. Feels so good to travel light.

Living out of suitcases and trying to stay together with our three little ones doesn't leave me feeling very organized but once I get my camera cord together with my computer, I'll be glad to share some fun shots with you.... hopefully soon!

We love you friends!


  1. Where all do you plan to be in the states?

  2. So glad you made it here safe and are able to reconnect with good friends. We have been praying for your transition in moving and for your trip here. Looking forward to seeing you guys!