Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photos from Qinghai Lake

Matt's road trip with five guy friends last week went really well- for the travelers and the for kids and I at home. What a blessing to have him home now though!! Isaiah and Marian both jumped (more like launched) into their papa's arms when he came through the door and I just stood- watching, tearing up, laughing. We are a much happier crew with our man home with us!

This was the first trip- kind of a survey/ trial run- for the company that Matt is hoping to start up here: Silk Road Ecotours. Eco-tourism fits really well with our hearts to benefit the local people and environment and responsibly-humbly enjoy the local culture, environment and history. We earnestly hope that this will be a good work we can do here for many years to come and we hope to bring travelers in who will really want to help and show kindness to locals too.

Here are some of the beautiful things they saw and some of their memorable moments. These photos were all taken by one of the guys Matt travelled with. Thanks for letting us enjoy your sweet talent, LH!

Here's the first few photos I've been able to upload... I'll try to post more soon (once our moving schedule allows!) Sorry I can't figure out why a few photos of Isaiah's first bday are being included here.

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