Thursday, August 21, 2008

first crush

Isaiah's teachers at school told me that he made a little classmate cry. I was immediately very concerned and then a little bit stumped as both of his sweet teachers started giggling while they told me "We think he likes Guo Guo. He likes hugging her and holding her hand, and sometimes he pushes her. You should ask him if he likes her." Like her or not, our sweet big boy needs to learn how to handle his affection and emotions in such a way that his little friends aren't scared off by him! Still, since we were at preschool (a Mandarin language environment for him), I asked him in Mandarin "ni xihuan Guo Guo ma?" He answered me straight away, in English, "I like Guo Guo. I like to give her hugs."

Looks like we will be working on gentleness for a while.

Pictures forthcoming.... I didn't have my camera on me as the story broke.