Thursday, November 22, 2007

a world of words and new sites to see

We talk so much about our own language study here because the two of us spend much of every day in class, studying, or practicing speaking/listening out on the streets... but our own tales of language learning are pretty boring now for us to tell and probably way more boring for anyone to listen to... BUT- Isaiah's language learning is a whole new story!

Somewhere around 19 months of age, words took root in him and now (20 mo.) they are really starting to sprout out with some wacky fruit! It seemed like a quick transformation from a silent world of pointing to a world of thoughts and words and requests to express verbally and stories to hear read aloud.

As Isaiah is beginning to express and understand more, we are explaining more things to him... including what we expect of him. When we have to discipline him we tell him that we expect him to "listen and obey", and these words are apparently sticking in his little brain. Yesterday morning he pointed to his cereal bowl and told me "more that"..."what do you say, Isaiah?"... "Peeez"... and then when I didn't respond as immediately as he hoped, he picked up his bowl, handed it to me and said "Obey."

Here is a shot of Isaiah with a local friend who is especially good at teaching him language. I love that for him! The other day he ran up to another friend who watches him while I have class and he said "book... play" - two words he knows well in English- but this time he said them in the local language!

All of us were really encouraged and inspired by a great visit with "Barp and JuJu" (Bart and Judy) last week. It was plain good medicine for our tired minds and hearts to have them here with us and to take them out on the town a bit to see some good local sites.

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