Thursday, November 22, 2007

giving thanks

I just got a "Happy Thanksgiving" text message. Honestly, I hadn't thought of the holiday all morning long. We had a nice dinner with a large group of friends a few nights ago but most all the traditions of Thanksgiving Day (family, turkey, pecan pie) seem too far out of reach here.... but giving thanks is not a distant opportunity and I think it would be good for me to dwell in it for a while today.

As a mom of tiny one and a toddler, I'm spending lots of quality time at home- trying to have friends over as often as possible since that's easier than bundling both babies up and traveling the town with them myself (when Matt is in class). Days can feel pretty ordinary and I can easily question my own "effectiveness"- by a zillion measurements I hold up for myself that I could never reach... I am indeed lacking in every way and how thankful I am that Christ loves me and died for me knowing all these ways I would be weak and falter and fail! I want to think not so much of myself but to look on the One who loves me most and created me for His good works, the One who will work through me to accomplish His desire. Thankfulness is a good medicine indeed! It does change my orientation to consider things from that perspective...

I am so grateful to have a day
when I am reminded to linger, to stay
to focus my mind on the gifts I've received
and even better, for my heart to keep
the Giver as Center in all that I do
to yield my mind to thoughts that are true
to spark a dance and a song in my soul
to humble myself and consider the whole
meaning and purpose of the days that I live
that my life might be an offering worthy to give
to honor the One who gave everything
to open my eyes that I might see
His goodness, His kindness and His mercy
that aren't just for me

oh for this day to be everyday
for Your Word to sustain me, to straighten my way
to guard my heart and my mind when I stray
Lord let me be grateful and love you today

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  1. Thank you for your insights and honest comments. It is very hard to have two and have it be so cold out!

    We are at

    Blessings Em