Monday, June 12, 2017

little bits of life...

I was given a beautiful new (to me) phone when we were in the states and it's taking some lovely photos but I'm not yet up on getting photos from the phone and from the camera all together on the blog....  so for now, here's just a little glimpse of life from a few scattered photos of the past few weeks.  

I love waking this girl up in the morning...

in the shadow of the mountain...  love how this girl is growing up!

This past weekend we had a real Baseball Tournament!  Shocking... to see all this come out of nothing...  About two months ago, two of the teams that played Saturday had not even begun to form, the boys probably hadn't heard of baseball before!  But now here they were, playing well and all observed by a guy who flew into our province to consider letting us host a much larger tournament next spring.  Looks like baseball is beginning to really get going!  So exciting!

(hello handsome umpire!)

This fine young man... he's growing up in strength in many evident ways and we are so. grateful. for. him.  

And this precious eight year old... can't believe he's so big or oh-so delightful.  His compassionate side and his humor and his care for others is such a blessing to see, to know, to get to love on.  John Timothy, we loved celebrating you this past weekend!  And it was a joy to see how you loved partying with your buddies and receiving such a generous gift box from Yeye and Nainai (and from us- his siblings were spectacularly generous to him too, which was another treat to see!)

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